Kamol Hospital

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The Kamol clinic is a 5,200 square meter building entirely and specially dedicated to plastic and aesthetic surgery, and they have become the first Hospital 100% dedicated to aesthetic surgery and Transgender surgery in Thailand.
Dr. Kamol and his team are proud to offer you a very high standard hospital with very high quality German brand medical equipment and materials, modular operating rooms, spacious halls, comfortable and luxurious private rooms for patients. patients and a world-class apartment service for our foreign patients. The hospital is located in the city center, close to the business district.

Kamol has become a leading clinic in the general cosmetic surgery market in Thailand. After visiting the clinic in August 2019, the Esthetic Planet team chose to trust them for our French clientele wishing to perform cosmetic and transgender surgery operations in Thailand.


How our platform works:

1- You select the type of surgery you would like

2- You select a desired surgery date.

3-The date is in your basket, you go to your basket.

4-You proceed with the pre-authorization

Your card will not be charged.

The request for surgery is received by the clinic, which responds to you within 24 to 48 hours.

If the date is confirmed, you receive a confirmation and an invitation to finalise the payment to book.


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