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Estpoint offers a patient-centered service approach and multidisciplinary perspective, working with their physicians and teammates who are experts in their fields. Estpoint provides quality diagnostic and treatment services at its clinics and hospitals in Istanbul and Kocaeli.
Estpoint is proud to continue working in hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Cosmetic surgery reservation:
Example for a rhinoplasty with 7 nights: If you select a Monday for the procedure, you arrive at any time on Sunday and you can take off again 7 nights after that is, the following Sunday.
By finalizing your reservation, you set the date on the clinic’s agenda.

Amount of your deposit:
Operation <1,800€ – your deposit is 300 €
Operation <2500 € – your deposit is 400 €
Operation <3000 € – your deposit is 450 €
Operation> 3000 € – your deposit is 600 €
Once your purchase is validated, you will receive an email confirming the date of treatment.
You can then send your flights to our customer service who will organize your transfers and hotel services on site.

From: 300,00

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