Dr Christian Bisanga – Hair Clinic

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Finalize your pre-booking with the clinic of Dr. Christian Bisanga in Brussels, Belgium.

Once your purchase has been validated, you will receive an email confirming the debit of your reservation. A manual verification is done before your purchase is completed.

Travel logistics: You must arrive the day before the operation and you can leave the day after your operation.


FUE partial trimming of the donor area – no trimming of the recipient area

BHT Shaven: Facial or body hair transfer

Non-surgical procedures ( PRP , Mesotherapie…)

SMP Dermopigmentation

Booking instructions: Only select the first day of the intervention, even if the intervention is planned over 2 or 3 days.

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Dr. Christian Bisanga participates in hair transplantation research is actively involved in the perfection of the hairloss medical field.

He offers surgical and medical solution using state of the art technology.

He is the president of the FUE Europe Society. His international reputation precedes him in all the congresses he frequently attends.

He is directing 2 clinics, in Belgium and in Athens.

He attaches particular importance to the natural looking results of his surgeries.

Non surgical procedures:

  • PRP                                                      : 270 euros
  • Mésothérapie                                    : 170 euros
  • Mésothérapie Dustatéride              : 195 euros


  • PRP+ MESO                                        : 430 euros
  • PRP + MESO DUSTA                          : 455 euros


BIOPSIE                                                : 270 euros